The world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles

Up to 400+ Miles*

SF to Yosemite and back

Quad-Motor System

For superior control on road - and way off

Wading Depth of 3 Feet*

Taking EVs where they’ve never gone before

0-60 in 3 Seconds*

Electrifying performance with zero emissions

Rivian in the wild

To the coast, to the mountains, to the woods and back — all on a single charge. This is electric adventure.

R1T All-Electric Truck

Our refined, five-passenger pickup delivers unmatched capability, efficiency, utility and performance. Adventure made us do it.

  • Ultimate control on every terrain
  • Greater lockable storage than any vehicle in its class


You can’t measure fun. Or can you?


Up to 400+ miles*


0-60 in 3 seconds*



Towing Capacity

5,000 kg*

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Lead the charge.

Preorder the R1T truck to experience the thrill of navigating the world in an Electric Adventure Vehicle. Starting price of $69,000 before the Federal Tax rebate. Range of 230+ to 400+ miles.

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